Preparing manuscript

Word processing(Latex)

Your file name is manu.tex

latex manu
bibtex manu
latex manu
latex manu
dvips -Ppdf -o manu (--> produces good quality pdf)

To count the number of words in manuscript
  ps2ascii | wc

output the number of line, words, and characters.
ps2ascii convert the .ps file into text version. Figure, comment, tex environment is not counted as words.


Finally manu.pdf is obtained.


There are many ways to produce a nice graphics for publication.

Along with the flood of information through Internet,  the trend in science is changing, which requires a visually appealing paper production first to draw readers' attention.

Here, I briefly presented a few tips for nice graphics using several softwares.
There are many nice free softwares available on the web, each of which has its own advantages and drawbacks.
If one can extract only the good parts of the software and combine them into one graph then the final work will look fairly nice.

Collecting only the nice part of software and combine into one.
Use thick line and bigger fonts.
is recommended in many journal.

This is the basic strategy to make nice graph.

In each of the following link, I present a few graphics for example and explain how to produce them.


Xmgrace : Use Helvetica Font --> This is the best font for publication. However, the default font in xmgrace is Times-Roman. To change the default font into Helvetica, change the related line in
GRACE_HOME/templates/Default.agr. For xmgrace always read Default.agr file in this directory when it is initiated.

GRACE_HOME path is usually /usr/local/grace, which can be set in .cshrc
Add a following line in .cshrc file in your home directory.

GRACE_HOME /usr/local/grace
Usually linewidth 1.0 is barely visible, thus you may want to change the lines in Default.agr as follows.

@default font 6
@    xaxis  tick major linewidth 2.0
@    xaxis  tick minor linewidth 2.0
@    yaxis  tick major linewidth 2.0
@    yaxis  tick minor linewidth 2.0
@    legend box linewidth 2.0

Customize Default.agr based on your preference.